Industrial Places and Decarbonised Futures
Thursday 23rd February 2023
13:00 – 16:00

In this event, supported by the Sheffield Institute for Policy Studies (SIPS) and Regional Studies Association, we will look at opportunities for the decarbonisation of industrial processes and consider the implications this has for local communities.

Driven by international, national, and local goals to reach Net Zero CO2 emissions, heavy emitting and energy intensive industries are considering a range of decarbonising technologies to help reduce their emissions. Primarily, this involves switching from burning fossil fuels to burning hydrogen or incorporating carbon capture systems to existing emission processes. Much activity, and investment, is focussed on existing industrial clusters, many of which have already experienced large-scale transformative change that left lasting impacts on the local communities.

Speakers at the event will: unpack the uneven geography of developing hydrogen economies in Europe; explore changing geographies of steel production and their implications for work in different places; consider how firms might obtain a social licence to operate in the communities they affect; and will go beyond economic dependencies to demonstrate how low-carbon transitions interact with places and place-based identities in industrial communities. The event is aimed at academic, policy and practitioner audiences, with networking opportunities included in the programme.

If you have any queries or access requirements about this event, please email the SIPS Events Team.

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