PGR Poster Competition and Research Showcase (Sponsored by SIPS)

Friday 12th June, 11am-12pm 

We will be hosting this event via Zoom

The Sheffield Institute for Policy Studies is pleased to announce the fourth annual PGR Poster Competition and Research Showcase.

We would like to thank our 2020 competition partners Oxford University Press, Palgrave Macmillan, Policy Press, Blackwell’s and Emerald Publishing for their kind sponsorship of prizes as without their support, staging this event would not be possible.

All SHU postgraduate research students are invited to apply for a place at this free event.

This multi-disciplinary event allows students to develop a range of skills in a friendly and supportive environment such as communicating research, responding to questions and feedback and developing their researcher profile.  At last year’s event Professor Colin McCaig commented that ‘this is a really supportive and developmental event, allowing our doctoral students to showcase their work and learn the ever-useful skill of succinctly describing their work and its impact to diverse audiences’.

This competition is open to students at every stage of their research, so you can choose to focus on initial ideas or research findings. Whether you are developing a PhD proposal, refining your ideas at RF1 and RF2 stage or preparing for a viva, this is a great chance to explore opportunities for communicating key ideas about your research.

Format of submissions:

There are 3 strands for submissions:
• Research poster (Doctoral students)
• Research poster (Masters students)
• Creative showcase (Open to all PGR students)

Due to Covid-19, the SIPS poster competition event is now being held as part of the Creating Knowledge Conference.  Submissions should be sent in pdf or hi-res image format to Elouise Hearnshaw ( by 6pm, Friday 29th May.

Posters will be hosted on the Creating Knowledge conference website before the session and your names and project titles included in your abstract submissions will be included in the conference programme. There will be further communications about the wider conference going out very soon, including how you would register.

We are finalising the format for the online session which we would like you to speak about your poster at. We will be hosting this on Zoom on Friday 12th June, 11am-12pm. We will be asking each of you to speak for up to 5 minutes about your research and your poster. Full details of the session format and guidance on what to include in your presentation will be sent to the participants. If you cannot access Zoom for whatever reason or if presenting in this format creates barriers for you, please get in touch with Elouise Hearnshaw ( asap.

We look forward to seeing your research!