Sheffield Forum for Clean Sport

DATE: 12th June 2018

TIME: 4pm-6pm

Location: Stoddart Building (Room 7138) City Campus


Doping is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon that permeates all levels of sports, from grassroots sports and local fitness centres to elite sports. It poses significant health risks to the user, is against the spirit of sport, and casts a shadow on the public image of sports.

The Sheffield Institute for Policy Studies (SIPS) promotes public dialogue about doping by introducing the Sheffield Forum for Clean Sports, an initiative that brings together an interdisciplinary team of Sheffield Hallam University’s world-leading experts on doping. This forum will discuss the grey areas in performance enhancement, the role of nutritional supplements in in anti-doping, and a behavioural science approach to doping prevention.

Speakers include:

Dr Gregory Ioannidis, Sports lawyer, anti-doping litigation expert

Dr Thom Bassindale, Senior Lecturer in Analytical Science, Department of Biosciences & Chemistry, “When is doping not doping?” – this talk looks at the “grey areas” in doping control and will reflect on the recent case in British cycling

Dr Lambros Lazuras, Reader in Social Psychology, Department of Psychology, Sociology & Politics (Chair of the Forum) “Education: A “third” way for making doping history in sports

The talk will be followed by a Q&A. Refreshments will also be provided

All welcome. Tickets are free but must be booked in advance: