We would like to alert to you the Sheffield Institute of Policy Studies’ blog programme on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in a range of public policy domains. The following blogs, all of which have been written by researchers based at SHU, have been published:

Exploring the effect of Covid-19 on the future of Sheffield’s greenspaces

by Benjamin Archer

A Green Recovery will fail without rebuilding local capacity to deliver

by Will Eadson

Tackling Fuel Poverty – the Implications of Covid-19

by William Baker, Aimee Ambrose, Jenny Brierley, Danielle Butler, Robert Marchand, Graeme Sherriff

Co-ordinated macroeconomic policy remains the most effective response to the pandemic economic shock

by Dr Drew Woodhouse

Killing in a time of Covid-19: How do we communicate when we can’t breathe?

by Laura Kilby

Covid-19 and the Battle for the Control of Teaching

by Mike Coldwell

Proposals, Packages, Priorities: why Universities need support during C-19

by Sir Chris Husbands

COVID-19: Blurred Spatial Boundaries?

by Benjamin Archer, Dr Alex Black, Dr Jill Dickinson and Dr Vicky Heap

Without ‘Home’ and Away from Children: Homelessness and Motherhood during COVID-19

by Dr Emma Bimpson and Dr Kesia Reeve

Youth Unemployment and Covid-19: Avoiding the creation of a pandemic generation

by Professor Peter Wells and Ian Wilson

Never more needed – the voluntary and community sector and COVID-19

by Dr Rob Macmillan

Flouting the rules on Covid 19: Things the government could learn from schools about behaviour management

by Mark Heaton

Delivering Probation during the COVID-19 Pandemic

by Dr Jake Phillips

COVID-19 and the need for behavioural science

by Dr Rachael Thorneloe

In the coming weeks, more blogs will be published, including Dr Laura Kilby on “Talking our way through Covid-19: Why what we say and how we say it is more important than ever”. But we are looking for more blogs on the impact of COVID-19, so if you are interested in writing one, please contact Paul Hickman or Tracey Holland.