Proposals, Packages, Priorities: why Universities need support during C-19

Universities have proved their worth in the COVID-19 crisis, responding at speed not simply to their own students and research partners’ changed demands, but to the communities and the national effort. But there is a clear sense that the skies will darken once the immediate crisis abates. The concerns include a precipitous fall in international students and constrained local mobility, student retention and progression to university, and the impact of a prolonged economic recession on research and development budgets. These concerns led Universities UK – the umbrella body for the country’s 137 universities, of which I am a Board member, to develop a proposal to government for a systematic programme of support.

Without ‘Home’ and Away from Children: Homelessness & Motherhood during Covid-19

Dr Emma Bimpson and Dr Kesia Reeve discuss the unique and profound challenges that COVID-19 is likely to pose to mothers experiencing homelessness.

Last year we completed a research study exploring the experiences of homeless mothers for the UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE) and Sheffield Hallam University. Now that we are all adjusting to a life spent entirely at ‘home’ we have had cause to think about the mothers who participated in that research. It is difficult to imagine what the domestic circumstances described by those women – in the lead up to their homelessness and then afterwards – would look like in the context of COVID-19.

A Positive Strategy For Engaging Older Prisoners

BY NICHOLA CADET, SENIOR LECTURER IN CRIMINOLOGY, SHEFFIELD HALLAM UNIVERSITY Nearly one in five prisoners in England and Wales are now aged over 50. Reasons include increases in average prison sentence lengths; people ageing as they serve multiple sentences, and a greater proportion of those convicted for historic (often sexual) offences. This third category means … Continue reading A Positive Strategy For Engaging Older Prisoners

Are Sheffield Teachers Prepared for New Sex Education Guidelines?

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) in secondary schools and Relationships Education (RE) in primary schools will become compulsory from September 2020 in England. UK Government guidance for schools was issued in February 2019 and much welcomed by academics, teachers, regulatory bodies (e.g OFSTED) and young people who had criticised current provision, delivery and content of … Continue reading Are Sheffield Teachers Prepared for New Sex Education Guidelines?