Without ‘Home’ and Away from Children: Homelessness & Motherhood during Covid-19

Dr Emma Bimpson and Dr Kesia Reeve discuss the unique and profound challenges that COVID-19 is likely to pose to mothers experiencing homelessness.

Last year we completed a research study exploring the experiences of homeless mothers for the UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE) and Sheffield Hallam University. Now that we are all adjusting to a life spent entirely at ‘home’ we have had cause to think about the mothers who participated in that research. It is difficult to imagine what the domestic circumstances described by those women – in the lead up to their homelessness and then afterwards – would look like in the context of COVID-19.

Over used and fundamentally flawed: the problem with using the concept of ‘resilience’ in the context of economic hardship

Above: Paul Hickman led a study team comprising researchers from Sheffield Hallam University, The University of Sheffield and Queen's University Belfast, which explored the experiences of low income households across Northern Ireland. Two of the case study areas were in Derry/Londonderry (pictured). The difficult and uncertain times we live in has resulted in increasing attention … Continue reading Over used and fundamentally flawed: the problem with using the concept of ‘resilience’ in the context of economic hardship

Evidence driven policy, welfare cuts and our customers

It’s Thursday, 26 October. It is the morning after the night before. Yesterday, the Prime Minister announced that the Government’s proposal to apply the Local Housing Allowance Cap to care and supported housing tenants was to be dropped. This reckless measure, first announced by George Osborne in November 2015, has threatened to wipe out new supported housing schemes across the country, and many services were threatened with closure. The announcement was greeted in our office with SYHA people clapping, hugging, dancing and even crying. The collective, audible sigh of relief at our Board meeting later in the afternoon could have been heard in Downing Street.

Building houses out of hot air? How the 2017 party manifesto housing plans stack up

The UK is a facing a housing crisis. Whichever party wins the election will be confronted by numerous problems including: a lack of affordable housing in many of parts of the country; the challenges associated with housing an ageing population; a housing stock which is showing signs of obsolescence and fatigue; a highly unregulated and unchecked private rental sector; the challenge of ensuring that younger households are able to access affordable; high quality housing and home ownership; and, increasing levels of homelessness and rough sleeping.