Our work

We recognise that solutions to the great economic, social and environmental challenges facing policy makers today cannot be addressed adequately by single academic disciplines, without full engagement of policy communities, nor without the involvement of the public. With this in mind, we have created a space for innovative, inter-disciplinary working and capacity building that will extend its reach beyond the University to engage with a dynamic and expanding group of stakeholders: the Sheffield Institute for Policy Studies (SIPS).

Our expertise

SIPS’ policy areas of expertise include: housing; the impact of welfare reform; labour markets; regeneration; the voluntary and community sector; social justice and human rights; criminal justice; migration; public health; and education. SIPS is also concerned with encouraging multi-disciplinary policy studies research across Sheffield Hallam University with attention focusing on key cross cutting issues such as resilience, austerity, migration, radicalisation, devolution, public sector transformation, and young people.