Call for Papers: Special Issue of People, Place and Policy on Contemporary Youth: Precarity, Resistance and (Re)imagined Futures

Special Issue Editors

Chris Devany:
Adam Formby:
Jennifer Hoolachan:

Aims and Scope

The youth phase has been described as a “privileged vantage point from which to observe processes of social change and continuity”. Over the last ten years since the financial crisis many aspects of young people’s lives have been reshaped, including (but not limited to) un/employment (Bell and Blanchflower, 2018), mental health (Eckersley, 2011), housing (Hoolachan, et al), education (Reay, 2016) and welfare (Crisp and Powell, 2017). With this in mind, ‘People, Place and Policy’ wish to present a range of interdisciplinary papers exploring how young people have responded and reshaped their lives in light of societal and economic change.

We welcome contributions from academics and practitioners from different stages in their careers, including Early Careers Researchers to submit high quality research.

Submission and types of paper

PPP publish a number of article types, and all of these will be considered for the Special Issue. These include:

  1. Research Articles and Reviews,
  2. Practice, Alternatives and Focus Papers,
  3. Book Reviews,
  4. Blogs

For more information, please refer to the Notes for Contributors which can be accessed here:

Short abstracts (around 300 words) for potential submissions should be sent to Chris Devany by 22/03/2019. If accepted, contributors will be contacted in April 2019 inviting them to submit a paper to the special issue. At this point, full details of how to submit using the online system will be sent to authors.

The Editors of the Special Issue would be happy to discuss the scope and relevance of your article informally before you submit your abstract.

The deadline for submitting full papers is December 2019 with a view to publishing in early 2020.

About People, Place and Policy

People, Place and Policy (PPP) is an open access journal that provides a forum for debate about how policy shapes the risks, opportunities and constraints that face people and places in contemporary society. Its aim is to foster dialogue between academics engaged in researching societal challenges and the policy-makers or practitioners charged with responding to these challenges.

PPP is interdisciplinary in scope and welcomes a range of contributions including empirical studies, policy analysis, methodological and theoretical reflections as well as ‘think pieces’ exploring contemporary policy issues. The journal is UK focused but we do publish pieces of cross-national and international significance.

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