What the 2017 Manifestos can tell us about the future of UK Politics and Policy

Brexit, Scottish Independence, the future if the United Kingdom itself; not to mention the continuing threat of global terrorism, the environmental crisis, the rise of Trump, and continuing sluggish economic growth: not for generations has there seemed to be so much at stake as we head into a British general election. The ramifications of who we collectively elect on 8 June are indeed significant, and the election manifestos of the main parties now tell us how they will deal with some (if not all) of these issues.

‘No Surprises’: Why the problems with Universal Credit were entirely predictable

Universal Credit (UC), the Government's flagship welfare reform, is in difficulty with 'bad news' stories about it abounding. It has been criticised for having fundamental design flaws, such as the absence of effective data sharing between the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and social housing landlords, and the requirement for new claimants to wait at least six weeks for their first benefit payment.